Sean A.J. Fraser (1994) 
Stats 2013-14 
#44 Yarmouth Jr A Mariners 
        Maritime Jr Hockey League

48 Games
* 12 Goals
* 16 Assists
* Other Stats Unavailable

Head Coach:    Laurie Barron  
Phone:             902-740-5859  

210 lbs
  • Left Wing 
  • Centre
  • Right Wing
"I am a relentless Power Forward 
who loves to grind in the dirty areas. I come out with the puck 99% of the time and make intelligent plays." 
                            ~ Sean Fraser
Sean A.J. Fraser -- #44 for the Yarmouth Mariners Jr A  (MHL)  2013-2014
Date:   Tuesday, April 15, 2014 

To whom it may concern:

I will be quick and to the point; Sean Fraser is a player you want in your Jersey.

Sean has a great hockey IQ and is good both on and off the ice. If you are looking for a power forward who can play all 3 positions and can also adapt from Checking Line to First Unit then Sean is your guy.

Sean was my trump card this season. I used him in every situation, he jumped in every time and did an incredible job. He has a “team first” attitude and is a joy to have around. He understands the game and makes players around him better.

The thing I like best about Sean is he opens the door for elderly ladies going into the rink but plays “hard nosed” once he steps on the ice.

He is a player I would put my name on and will be good for any program looking to win both on and off the ice.

Laurie Barron
Head Coach, General Manager
2013-14 Yarmouth Mariners Hockey Club MHL

Upper Canada College Blues

Stats 2012-13 
46 games
* 17 goals, 
* 17 assists
* 150 hits
*  +27

Playoffs: N/A

Head Coach:            Brian Green  
Cell:                         416-275-4498  

The Yarmouth fans love hearing "For Yarmouth... #44 F R A S E R  blasting across the sound system.
A quiet moment between teammates.
The puck will be Sean's.
#44 Sean Fraser changes the score for the Yarmouth Mariners.
Fraser comes out with the puck and sets up the Mariner's next goal
Concentration and determination drives the puck home.
Four against one? BRING IT ON!
And the red light flares one more time for Fraser
Stats 2011-12
20 games 
• 10 goals 
• 11 assists
• 72 hits  
• +27

Playoffs: 1 pt/game 
IB1 Athlete of the Year 
Sean Fraser
Sean Fraser #7 a Power Forward for the UCC Varsity Blues - 2011 CISAA CHAMPIONS 2011
and playing cleanup for the UCC's varsity baseball team.
known as The Wall, Sean played for the UCC's Varsity Soccer team.
Sean A.J. Fraser  --  Upper Canada College    2012-2013,   2011-2012
Sean A.J. Fraser  --  Awards and Recognition
Awarded to the varsity athlete who best combines athletics with academic excellence.
Sean A.J. Fraser  --  Academics
Sean Fraser graduated from Upper Canada College with his International Baccalaureate Diploma and a 91% average from  Upper Canada College in 2013.

His work ethic on and off the ice, earned him exemplary marks, a front line position and the Urquhart Award for the athlete who best combined athletics with academic excellence.  

With an SAT Score of 1810, Sean is ready to head to University to study and play hard-hitting, heads-up hockey.

A discerning Coach constantly seeks natural leaders; people who combine skill and character. Sean Fraser is a skilled student athlete who consistently chooses character over compromise, both on and off the ice.
With Sean, you are closer to a character team, and winning seasons.

Make the call. You want Sean Fraser on your team.
Contact Sean Fraser
                                                                                                                    July 2014
Dear Hockey Coaches,                                                                                 

I am writing on behalf of one of my former hockey players Sean Fraser. I recruited Sean to attend Upper Canada College for his 11th and 12th grade years in high school. 

Sean jumped at the opportunity – he saw an open door for himself - and he moved across Canada to pursue his hockey and academic dreams. It gives me great pleasure to have an opportunity to write to you about Sean. 

Sean graduated from UCC and our varsity hockey program in the spring of 2013. I have coached hockey at the prep school level for ten years at UCC, and I will say I have not enjoyed coaching a young man more than Sean Fraser. He is a coach’s dream. He is fearless, smart, and hungry. He is a team player. Sean was a leader and big part of our league championship team during the 2012-2013 season. His work in the classroom and off the ice matched his great efforts on the ice. He is now playing junior hockey for the Yarmouth Mariners in Nova Scotia, and he has made a similarly positive impression on the coaches and managers of that junior program. 

Sean has goals, in hockey and life, and he is driven. At Upper Canada College he figured out how to study effectively, manage his time, play three varsity sports, and be a force on the hockey team. He did all this while being a long way from home and living in a boarding community. Sean’s academic record will speak for itself, but I know he is fully committed to his academic goals. He can manage a busy schedule and will use resources around him to maximize his academic success and continuous learning. 

Sean is a young man of great character, determination and talent. Most importantly, he has a love for the game that cannot be taught. He will be a valued and important addition to any college community and hockey program. I am happy to speak further on Sean’s behalf at any time.


Brian D. Green
Upper Canada College

Fraser Represented Upper Canada College on Three Varsity Teams
Drafted by the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in the 9th round of the 2011 QMJHL, Sean Fraser chose to pursue his education, accepting a hockey scholarship from Upper Canada College, graduating in 2013 with a 91% average and his International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

In his two years with Upper Canada College Sean played 3 varsity sports (hockey, soccer and baseball), and won  

1) Rookie of the Year 

2) Athlete of the Year 

3) the esteemed Urquhart Award for the athlete who best combines athletic skill with academic ability.

Sean has spent the last two seasons honing his game with the Yarmouth Mariners of the Maritime Jr A Hockey League.  

What's next for Sean Fraser? 

College Hockey 
and a Top-tier Education

Continue reading to discover why     
Sean Fraser is the Student Athlete       you're looking for.

Ready to Play
College Hockey
Sean Fraser (Sixers) is always one of the first to step up and represent the team -- especially when it involves raising money for a good cause!
Sean and teammate Tyler Brown in front of the TV cameras delivering the Mariner's Christmas wishes to their amazing fans.
Yarmouth Mariner #44 - Sean Fraser and three teammates are proudly 'In the Pink' at a fundraiser for Breast Cancer.
      2014-2015        #44 for the Yarmouth Mariners Jr A  (MHL)
Sean Fraser and Tyler Brown action shot while recording the Mariner's 2014 TV Christmas Greeting for their fans
Sean Fraser representing the Mariner's with 7 of his teammates at a charity basketball game.
Sean Fraser #44 for the Yarmouth Mariners about to finish the play.
A common sight - Sean Fraser #44 for the Yarmouth Mariners unafraid to use the body.
March 2015
Yarmouth Jr A Mariners
Stats 2014-2015
Games Played: 46
​Points: 56
Goals: 20
Assists: 36
Reference: TJ Smith
Head Coach / General Manager
Cell: 902-599-0086